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An inefficient system takes a toll on patients, administrators and doctors alike. In the smartphone era, maximise your efficiency with our cloud-based management system for your clinics, labs and hospitals.

  • A lean model for the business

  • A simple workflow for the employee

  • A feature rich portal for the patient

  • An access-controlled setup for the administrator


For a new clinic like Dermavue, HODO was really affordable. HODO’s interface is very user friendly, and our staff have found it easy to get used to. It is easy to work with HODO because of the smooth communication that ensues between us – HODO always provides a swift response to all our queries. I’m happy to note that we never had any downtime or major issues. The people at HODO are always looking to improve themselves, and have been very receptive to our suggestions.


I have known HODO from its embryonic stage – we adopted this system in early 2015. If you ask me how HODO helps the working of our hospital, I have many answers.

First of all, let me make one thing clear – it is very user friendly. Anybody can learn and use the system easily. Secondly, this is very convenient for our team of doctors – all the data is accessible at one glance, and moreover, the data is safe.

Thirdly, the HODO system is helping us in exponentially increasing our client base.

And lastly, the support of Team HODO in all aspects – not just software related – is quick and prompt. Thanks team HODO and my best wishes with you guys!


HODO was alongside us when we established our lab chain, and when we expanded to six locations. It’s good to have a management software that is online and in the cloud – I now have the ability to have an eye on all my centres, from just one location. This has reduced my travelling by a lot. HODO has helped us in each step to facilitate all our needs. They have also supported our marketing needs, which led to an increase in business. Even the smallest features of HODO have a lot of value and are very useful. We look forward to further expanding our business with HODO’s technological support.




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