About Us

HODO is the brainchild of a doctor  who realised the pitfalls in a conventional Healthcare Informatics System, and wanted to build something that covered all its gaps. HODO is a cloud-based healthcare management portal that saves time, increases manual efficiency, and facilitates better administration for a lab or a hospital, with its appointment booking system, online EMR system, and patient interface.

With its soft launch in 2016 with our first client, HODO started as a healthcare management software - a platform to manage all the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of a clinic or lab. At its core, HODO aims to make life easier for every person in the healthcare ecosystem - be it a doctor, a patient, a hospital administrator, a nurse or a receptionist. In a world driven by technology, healthcare is still waiting to be revolutionised - somehow, even with the easy availability of the internet, the healthcare industry hasn’t moved past EMR to a completely networked system.



HODO is now evolving into a healthcare interoperability platform, aiming to connect healthcare centres across the world, and centralise healthcare information.

With the way healthcare technology is moving, soon enough we will be able to detect disease outbreaks in infantile stages, provide much better services to critically ill patients through home care services, get more information out of clinical outcomes of drugs, and even prevent the abuse of drugs.

HODO’s mission is to empower entrepreneurs in healthcare, allowing them to put their consumers at the heart of all their activities. Even in today’s smartphone age, everyone looks at healthcare technology with a pinch of skepticism. HODO wants to change this view by promoting the benefits every person will have, with a good healthcare management portal - it benefits the patient, the doctor, the nurse, the receptionist, and practically every person involved in this story.


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