Focus on What Matters the Most – The Patient.

Leave the rest to us.

Improve loyalty with a unique 16-digit ID smart card for each patient

All details of the patient will be stored in this card.

Save your patients’ time with
online appointment

Let patients book appointments according to their convenience and your schedule, through the booking widget in your website

Protect sensitive data with role-based and password-restricted accounts

With this feature, you can pin-point the needs of each role, and also keep control over sensitive records. The receptionist need not access the doctor’s screen, the doctor need not see the admin’s screen, and so on.

Be clear and confident about your finances using Day Closing Reports

Stop worrying about the consistencies in multiple cash collection points in your centre - At the pharmacy, at the lab, at the reception. Get clear information of how much cash was collected from each point.

Better inventory management with drug tracking and timely notifications

No more delays in processes due to lack of reagents or last minute surprises. Plan all your purchases and restock with due diligence

Enhance your customer experience with insights from  periodic business reports

Understand patient behaviour with our business reports and improve your business accordingly. With business insights, implement new packages and discounts for your patients

Never worry about losses-
high-level security for your patient records

All records are highly secure with bank-level security -

Scale up your business easily - set up new branches of your centre faster

With HODO, gain access to all your records from any location.

Save paper and storage space by using digital records and prescriptions

Managing paper records can be time-consuming and risky. Save time and money by moving to digital records

Keep in touch with your patient through updates and   appointment notifications

Before a confirmed appointment, HODO system automatically sends reminders to your patients. Reduce patient no shows drastically!

Never let travel get in the way of admin activities - access all records from anywhere

Gain more freedom by being able to check the activities in your hospital from any location.