How can a single software manage an entire hospital?

Do you think managing an entire hospital with a single software is feasible? Let’s discuss.

One of the main problems that hospitals face today is having to use different software for different purposes – appointment booking, billing, inventory management and so on. One of the main limitations of having separate software for each purpose is integration. A single application that can include all these features will eliminate this issue and make healthcare management a lot easier. One such system that revolutionised the way in which an entire hospital operates is a Hospital Management System (HMS) – a system to monitor and manage the activities of an entire hospital.

This integrated system is designed to manage all the operations of the hospital, such as administration, patients details, medical history of the patient, appointment booking, inventory management, billing, bed management, drug management, revenue management, Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and so on. If a patient from a particular hospital consults a doctor from a different hospital, his/her medical history can be easily retrieved only if, both the Hospital Management Systems of these hospitals are integrated together.


Most of the HMS software available today are cloud-based, thus enabling an option to manage the hospital from anywhere. Other functionalities of this application are the following:

    1. Appointment booking

  • Helps patients cut the long queue and saves their time  
  • Is equipped with features like automated email and text message reminders.

    2. Patient Management

  • Has separate features for InPatient and OutPatient management
  • Provides accurate and complete information about patients health records at the point of care
  • Helps to keep track of rooms availability

    3. Role-Based Access Control

  • Allows employees to access only the necessary information to effectively perform their job duties.
  • Increases data security and integrity

   4. Inventory Management

  • Helps to keep track of the drugs
  • Alerts when there’s a shortage of stock

   5. Daily Sales Report

  • Makes daily auditing simple
  • Helps with statistics and other financial aspects

   6. Cloud-based storage

  • Allows data to be accessed from anywhere and any time
  • Removes the need for physical servers


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