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What is a Hospital Management System (HMS)

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Hospital management system (HMS) or Hospital management information system (HMIS) is an element of medical informatics solutions that focuses mainly on the administration needs of hospitals. An HMS is a computer or web-based application that manages the functioning of an entire hospital. This customizable integrated system is designed to manage all the operations of the hospital, […]

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What is an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) – Meaning, Applications And Advantages

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Let’s discuss EMR. Millions of people are falling victims to several diseases everyday. There is so much potential for information technology to play its role in the betterment of such a scenario. Yet, somehow, the healthcare sector is still lagging behind in terms of information technology. Therefore, it’s high time the world focused more on […]

7 Benefits of Electronic Medical Records

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The human race is fastidiously moving towards the digital world. Consider the Indian banking system in the 1990’s. Banks and paperwork went hand-in-hand – loan forms, mortgage records, collateral forms, credit card applications, and the list goes on. Needless to say, writing, storing, saving and securing these papers took enormous effort. Around the dawn of […]