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Why Healzapp?

HODO Healzapp is an innovative healthcare solution that helps labs to manage your clinical practice. It lets you connect with your patients, makes it easier to manage appointments, and enables you to generate prescriptions.

Book & Pay

Allow patients to book and pay for appointments with you, and access their prescriptions at any time

Tasks Management

Manage all essential tasks in a clinic, such as appointment scheduling, task assignment and automated reports.

Monitor Progress

Manage and monitor the progress and performance of your team and your patients.

What makes Healzapp an indispensable part of every modern clinic?

One Tool — Endless Use Cases

Medical record entry has never been simpler

A single box for you to enter everything - yes, we mean it

Use the same area to enter vitals

A single point of entry that saves a ton of your time

Order lab tests for your patients

Yep.. in the same box

Enter medical advice for your patients

We support local languages too!

Want to note some sensitive information?

No problem. Take private notes and send the rest of the prescription to the patient

Patient wants to share a report during teleconsultation?

They can upload it and you will get it here. Doctors can upload files too!

View your patient's medical history in a single click

Bye bye flimsy paper records

Interpret your patient's progress with health charts

You don't have to do a thing - they're auto-generated

The quickest way ever to view pending bills

Simple billing with multiple modes of payment. Get quick & detailed billing reports

Bill Drugs

Add & Manage Drug Purchases.View Drug Stock & Expiry Reports

No more accounting discrepancies

Keep an accurate, day-to-day record of all cash flow

Simple appointment booking

Simple steps to book & cancel appointments

The most futuristic clinic management software - for you and your patients

One of the first companies to be listed in the National Resource Centre for EHR Standards (NRCeS) as well as the official Telemedicine Registry of India.

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